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Original English Speaker/Writer

Excellent communication skills via Email, Text and Phone

Got a Smart Phone and Bank Account

At Least B.A. Master’s/PhDs Preferred

Resume with Experience and School References

Possess Writing Sample Portfolio

Good Passing Grades on Skills Test

Your writing skills are your assets. You just need to be a good, and orderly writer. Ready to make good money in the following domains:


Essays, Articles, Research Papers, Dissertations, Assignments.

Online Content

Copywriting, Website Content, Blogs, SEO based Articles.

Business Writing

Business Proposals, Business Plans, Correspondence, Emails, Press Releases, Resume.

Personal Writing

Cover Letters, Admission Essays, Speeches, Applications.

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Wide Variety of interesting assignment

Management of your own workload

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Personal Growth

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    Upload your resume, including: your academic background (schools, college, university attended). Your subject speciality.

  • Pass the Skill Test

    Answer the given short questions to demonstrate your proficiency of vocabulary, composition, and punctuation skills. Submit an essay of 500 to 600 words of your choice.

  • Get Your Writing Assignment

    You have the choice to select your assignment and make sure you can deliver it by deadline with quality your priority. You can communicate with the client if you need to clarify anything.

  • Complete The Assignment

    Complete the assignment according to the client’s requirements. If needed include citations, any required additive as necessary for the assignment and instructed by the client. Proofread and deliver on time. Make revisions if required.

  • Get Paid

    Get your payment bi-monthly via Bank through auto track payments on the portal for completed assignments.

It’s that easy! No hanky pinkie.
We provide openings, you provide writing skills. You get good amounts for your writing skills. is the place for high calibre writers to earn a good fortune.


There are some writing services, who bid for assignments, but at TheArtofWord you have your choice to take any specific assignment. Writers are provided with complete requirements and instructions about the assignment from the client prior to acceptance. The Writers decide themselves whether they can meet the requirements and can complete the assignment before they accept it.

At TheArtofWord you need a good internet connection, a burning fire to make money, and writing skills. For earning as much as you want while working from home consider TheArtofWord.


1. I have some problems uploading my work sample/higher education certificate photo. What should I do?

You can send your scanned certification. The sample essay should be in document form. If your format is correct and still you cannot upload the file, send it via email at

2. How am I evaluated for securing a writing job with TheArtofWord?

At TheArtofWord writers are evaluated with their education, background, skill and expertise using the materials submitted during the application process.

3. Do I have the freedom to choose my assignments?

Yes. You have the freedom to check the available writing jobs with TheArtofWord unique ID-login secure portal. Writers have the right to choose/ reserve any assignment in which they are interested. Writers are allowed to reserve one assignment at a time. Multiple assignments are available only after the completion of the recent reserved assignment.

You need to select/reserve the assignment directly from the portal which shows your acceptance of subject understanding, length, deadlines, pricing, and payments. You are expected to deliver a quality assignment on a due date.

4. How much money can I earn?

With TheArtofWord you don’t need to worry about earning money. It will always intimidate you how much you will exactly make on a project before you accept the task. Writers at TheArtofWord generate huge revenues.

5. How much time can I get to complete each project?

Deadlines will vary according to the complexities of the project. Everything will be conveyed through job details.

6. Do I have to face penalties for missing deadlines/cancellations?

If a writer fails to meet a deadline, TheArtofWord may review the continuity of the services of that writer in future. Deadlines are mandatory to ensure quality control and client satisfaction. Penalties could be applicable according to the terms and conditions as outlined by services agreement.

7. Does the client or TheArtofWord edit my work?

TheArtofWord has a panel of editors. Every assignment goes through an editing and proofreading process to deliver quality content. However, every writer needs to proofread their work and they should be according to TheArtofWord style guide before submitting.

8. How am I going to get a rating for future work?

All the work submitted toTheArtofWord will be rated for future work. It means the better you produce good writing, getting more work in future is guaranteed. The client’s reviews and requests to work with the same writer considered for your work rating. TheArtofWord takes serious consideration about the number of edits and revisions necessary for each of your assignments.

9. What are the requirements of the work sample?

After completion of your test you will be assigned a specific topic to write on. It should be at least 250-300 words and should be plagiarism-free. In order to use outside sources, citation should be properly done. The work should be in the form of Microsoft Word document.

10. How much do I have to score to pass the test?

To pass the grammar test you need to score at least 15 points, the more you earn –the better.

The Fine Print

Here are the complete details:

Making the team

After you pass the test and qualify you will be notified of the acceptance to the team of TheArtofWord according to the terms and conditions herein. Then an individual account will be created with username and password and you will be instructed to TheArtofWord assignment portal to check the listing. Through your personal account you can access the assignment portal dashboard where you can find the assignment of your choice and complete project details.

Pay-out Time

Freelance writers get paid through bank transfers. There are no minimum payments. Payments are deposited on every 1st to 5th day of each month. It may take up to 4 business days to transfer the funds. All payments are updated in the writer’s account.


Every completed assignment is checked for plagiarism before the final submission. In case the client or company reveals plagiarism through any plagiarism detect system, penalty and money reduction will be applied. Strict measures like suspension or termination of a writer's account will be taken.

Project Description

Freelance writers for writing research paper, essay, dissertation, PowerPoint Presentations, business plans, website content, mathematics and statistics problems and other written assignments for an agreed upon fee in advance deliver on an agreed upon deadline. TheArtofWord works as an intermediary between freelance writers and clients.
Writers’ gives out an agreement to use reasonable care to ensure that all the facts and statements in the document are true, free of plagiarism, original, and does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary right, right of publicity or any other right of the third party. Freelance writers are to be agreed to edit the project as per company request through the company’s website until it would be appropriate for publication. Writers are obliged to satisfy the client and cooperate with the company/client in editing and reviewing the assignment before publication. The clients need to be contended if any complaints, claims or litigation should surface regarding the assignment.
Writers understand that clients can claim complete refund according to the company’s money back guarantee policy if the assignment is not according to the client’s guidelines or “not as described”, not delivered on time or because of the writer’s fault to edit it properly. In case of refund due to unsatisfactory end product from the writer, the company will deduct writer’s fee from writer’s balance at TheArtofWord.


The writer’s earnings for each assignment assigned and accepted solely depends on the top priority, deadline, complexity, length, and required research and your personal profile. Writers’ fees are agreed upon in advance and depends on different conditions:

  • First time writers are initially paid with minimum rates. Payments also depend on the quality of research and writing. It may increase with production of quality material with proficiency.
  • Senior writers ( those who have repeatedly produced quality work and exceeded client’s/ company’s expectations) earn higher rates over time, again depending upon subject matter, writer expertise, academic and professional level, and deadline period.
  • If the framework of the assignment changes, or if it requires more time than originally expected, the writer will inform and we can negotiate the rate and time of delivery. If there is no intimidation received from client within 14 business days of submitting a completed draft, assignment is considered finished and the writer has the right to ask extra fee in case the client asks for any amendments.
  • Taxes will be payable by the writer with respect to the services he/she performs for the company as an independent contractor.
  • Deadlines

    The assignments are to be delivered on time. Any lateness may result in cancellation of the assignment without any compensation. If the writer needs more time to finish then he/she has to inform the company about the delay at least 24 hour before the original deadline. Late submissions are not catered and may result in immediate suspension or termination of writer’s account with a cancellation of any pending commissions. Writer has the right to retract from the assignment only during the first 20 hours for orders with deadlines of 8 or more days or during the first 10 hours for orders with deadlines of 2-8 days.


    Writers are obliged that she/he may receive or have access to information about company’s or client’s past, present or future products any creative work, vendor lists, marketing strategies, any other proprietary information about the assignment which gives the company or client a break through to acquire an advantage over its competitors writers are agreed to protect the confidentiality of the information and all physical forms.
    Writers are forbidden not to disclose or disseminate the proprietary information to any third party and are not allowed to use the information for his/her own benefit or for the benefit of any third party. Writers are banned from discussing the client or the assignment with the media or press, directly or indirectly, without the client’s or company’s prior written permission.


    Freelance writer is an independent contractor when serving as a writer at TheArtofWord. This work is solely contract base and there will be no partnership, joint venture or other legal entity between company and freelance writer. Freelance writers are not employees of TheArtofWord and will not be treated as an employee of TheArtofWord for federal taxes, or any other purposes.
    All the writers should not be less than 18 years of age. No one under 18 years of age is permitted to work as a freelance writer at TheArtofWord. Freelance writers are under the warrants of company policies. Terms and conditions displayed on the company website should be agreed upon with freelance writers. TheArtofWord reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time and writers are to adhere to all such amendments. Writers are supposed to review this contract on a monthly basis to check upon any change or addition.

    Assignment and Ownership of Intellectual Property

    Writers should agree and understand that all the assignments used by the company are listed as work for hire, and further, to the extent that any intellectual property right does not pass in agreement with pursuant to a work for hire. Writers are assigned to use the assignment with all rights to the company.

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